Who holds the Keys to the Kingdom?

King Aurelius has ordered that no-one be allowed to enter or leave the city of Arken’s Hold. He has locked himself in his keep leaving only to make speeches describing the glorious state of his city and the threat of impending enemy attack. Some say he has gone mad and others say he is under the influence of foul magic.

Once the southern gates to the city closed none have been able to leave. Some have attempted to scale the wall and escape, but those who escape the notice of the watch and the guard meet with a impassable magical barrier. The mages, when asked for help give no reply and remain secretive and mysterious.

A heavy pall has fallen over this city as food supplies dwindle and trade slows to a halt. The temples are full of those asking for the god’s protection and the taverns are packed with the despairing throng. Within the city’s walls are trapped people from every race and walk of life all covered in the enveloping cloak of despair.

It is up to the adventurous and the brave to decide Arken’s Hold’s fate, these are the ones who hold the Keys to the Kingdom.

Keys to the Kingdom

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